Wadajir Party terms unconstitutional the arrest of their members by security officers

Sunday January 28, 2018 - 14:30:41
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Wadaajir Party has termed unlawful the arrest of two of their senior party members by an alleged government security forces 2 days ago in Mogadishu.
In a press statement released yesterday by the party, they noted the unlawful action instituted by government intelligence security officers whom they said wore government uniforms and were only visible from their eyes.

The party has condemned in the strongest terms the violation on their liberty as stipulated in Article 15, Clause 2 of the Constitution which states: "Every person has the right to personal security, and this includes: the prohibition of illegal detention, all forms of violence, including any form of violence against women, torture or inhumane treatment” read the statement.

The party also underscored the illogical actions of the state security agents of acting on personal aims from the highest office of the land than serving the citizens within the confines of the constitution.

"Its borders next to impossibility to accept the blatant behaviour of the intelligence security sector of stampeding upon the constitution against the citizens by legalizing violations on their rights, properties and lives while serving personal political agendas from the executive branch in villa Somalia” said the statement.

On a similar tone, the party expressed their dissatisfaction on "the terror unleashed on citizens on daylight incident where they abducted citizens at gun point and took them behind backstreets in order to strip them of their political role in democracy, peace and development in the country in accordance in the country, peace and democracy.”

In their concluding remarks, Wadajir Party made in a crystal clear way the failure of the government in managing the country.

"The process of governance is out of place once the intelligence security officers turned into agents that constantly terrorize the citizens which is a clear indication on the horror that is engulfing the Somali people from the government to safeguard their personal safety.”

Mid December Wadajir party leader and former presidential contender Abdirhman Abdishakur was forcefully arrested by government security officers after a gun battle killing 5 of his security guards, a young girl and injured him in the hand.

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