About Wadajir Party

Wadajir Party was founded in Mogadishu, Somalia by Somali men and women who in the past ten years were involved in Somalia's politics, they share similar vision and after a comprehensive discussion about the future of the country, they decided to translate their ideas into political action.

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General Principles

it is time to have Somali solutions for Somalia problems by engaging critical thinking in the process

National Pride & Majesty

Protecting the sovereignty, unity and dignity of Somalia, and to restore the national pride and majesty of the people.

Ambition of the Somali people

Putting effort in realizing the ambition of the Somali people.

Sense of Nationalism

Re-inventing the sense of nationalism, unity and coexistence among the Somali population.

Fighting Against Corruption

Fighting nepotism, corruption, clannism, extremism, misuse of power and resources.


Putting more effort in reconciliation, countering extremist ideas as well as use of force to gain political power.

Human Rights

Protecting the right of citizens and preventing abuse of their human rights.

Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame

Meet Our Leader

Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame is the Leader of Wadajir Party and the future President of Somalia. Find out more about Abdirahman now.

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News & Events

Wadajir Party concern Statement.

The Wadajir Party is gravely concerned about the recent spat between the Account General and the Ministry of finance and call upon the donor agencies to closely monitor the situation....

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Wadajir Party terms unconstitutional the arrest of their members by security officers

Wadaajir Party has termed unlawful the arrest of two of their senior party members by an alleged government security forces 2 days ago in Mogadishu....

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Wadajir Party to sue attackers on their headquarters

Wadajir party today announced taking to court those behind the armed attack on their party headquarters on 18th December 2017 in Mogadishu....

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Save Somalia before it retreats into chaos says Wadajir Party

A press release produced yesterday by Wadajir party, an opposition party whose presidential candidate was the embattled politician and former minister Abdirahman Abdishkur has called on the international c...

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