Code of Conduct

  1. Wadajir Party is open to every Somali citizen who is transparent, and believes in the principles of the party;
  2. Every member must take part in the meetings of the party;
  3. The decisions of the party should be unanimous, but if need be there will be vote, and the decision will be based on simple majority of those present;
  4. A member is free for his/her opinions, voting for the ideas of their choice, but must accept what the majority agree upon;
  5. Every member must spread the principles of the party, defend what is stands for, and participating in all its activities;
  6. Members are not allowed to further their personal interests within the party, and must uphold and protect its principles;
  7. Every member has the right to chose and be chosen for the different responsibilities within the party;
  8. The party will have regular meetings as much as possible, and every member has the right to suggest agendas of the meetings;
  9. Agendas and decisions of the meetings should issues-focused, and not personal-focused;
  10. Every member must respect opposing views, consider the feelings of others, and encourage different views and opinions;
  11. Every member should strive in promoting the smooth running of the party’s activities and strengthen communication between members;
  12. Every member must give the party a monthly contribution.