About Us

Members of Wadajir Party have for several years discussed about issues that are important for the existence and the future of the Somali nation and its people. The key members included politicians, intellectuals and social activists from different parts of the country, with wide range of experience. They stood up to lead the Somali public into new vision and social ambition.




To establish a modern state based on civic values of democratic principles; one committed to upholding rule of law, basic freedoms and social justice; overcoming clan chauvinism and deepening societal cohesion and unity; and implements a genuine devolution of power through federal system.




Engaging in finding a Somali society free of clan identity politics, violence and religious extremism; imbued with a sense of national identity and civic consciousness; capable of discharging its national duties and responsibilities; upholds justice and dignity for all and at peace with itself and its neighbours




Prioritising the security and stability of Somali citizens, and restoring the rule of law.

Striving to establish inclusive national army that has national character which guards the country's constitutional order and its sovereignty by taking over responsibilities from AMISOM.

Implementing the Federal system in accordance with the provisional constitution by building the administration from grass root levels.

Reforming the political system and striving to have a political process based on multi party system with mandate and representation.

Developing the economy, improving trade and opportunities for investment.

Fighting poverty, increasing production, and restoring the country's infrastructure.

Setting up financial policies and investment act, as well as reforming and empowering state institutions, more so those managing finance.

Setting up policies and laws for taxation, so as to increase the country's internal revenues.

Implementing foreign policy framework based on national interests, regional security and living in peace with the neighbours.

Facilitating humanitarian aid, resettlement of IDPs and management of grants in order to utilise them for the needs of the people and the country

Establishing foreign policy based on the principles of national interest, regional stability and zero problems with the neighbours

Facilitating humanitarian relief to relocate IDPs and manage financial assistance in a way that serves the interest of the nation and its people.