The party membership is a person (individual) and can not be transferred to any other person and is open to anyone who is a Somali & meets the conditions laid down in Article 7 of the Code of Conduct of the party.

Membership Requirements

Anyone who is a Somali and meets the following requirements can join the party:

  1. One should be a Somali who believes in the Unity and Sovereignty of Somalia.
  2. One should not be younger than 18 years.
  3. One should be mentally fit and of sound mind. He/she should be able to carry out his/her membership duties.
  4. One should accept the laws and political programs of the party.
  5. One should possess good behaviours and moral characters and at the same time capable of forming good relations with other members and the public as well. 
  6. Not convicted before by a court for crimes against the nation and statehood.
  7. Pay the monthly membership fee as decided by the Executive Committee of the Party.
  8. Not a member of another party/political organization.
  9. Disseminating the party programs and to stand for the fulfillment of the duties and responsibilties of members.

Rights of the Members

Any member of the party shall be fully guaranteed by this law that he/she will get the following rights:
  1. That he/she can be elected and he/she can also elect, in accordance with the party's law, and likewise can be nominated for posts in the party.
  2. That he/she can participate in the activities of the party and the debates on the issues of the party, may propose recommendations that concern the activities of the party.
  3. That he/she can express his/her opinion freely, and suggest recommendations or criticisms about the party's activities.
  4. He/she can freely leave the party by giving out the reason(s) why he/she left the party but his/her money would not be refunded.
  5. Every member should be a membership ID.
  6. Any member who wants to resign from a post in the party:
    a)The member should submit a resignation letter to the department he/she was a member.
    b)The party should either accept or reject the resignation of the member with in 14 days.
  7. A member who is registered for the party can not belong to two parties or political organizations at the same time.

Responsibilities of the Members

Any member of the party is obliged:
  1. To comply with the rules and decisions of the party at all levels. 
  2. To carry out the political program and activities of the party honestly.
  3. To participate in the implementation of the party, service, community development and community mobilization. 
  4. Protect the confidentiality, property and reputation of the party. 
  5. To create or promote national unity. 
  6. Be aware and informed about the political and economic situation in the country. 
  7. To prevent any social conflicts that create discrimination and kinship. 
  8. To present any concerns with in the party but not take it to the outside.

Loss of Party Membership

A membership right of the party can be lost through the following ways:

  1. If the person resigns from the membership of the party as specified in Article 6 of the party. 
  2. If death befalls on the member, the membership slot cannot be inherited. If it is confirmed that he/she violated the rules of the party and its programs, the decisions of the party committees at all levels. 
  3. The decision to dismiss will be proposed by the different committees, along with a report of its findings and there after submitted to the Disciplinary Commission. 
  4. If the person does not fulfill his or her duties due health status. 
  5. If the member is forms, join or campaigns for another political organization